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Digital Ticks

Why Digital Ticks?


Digital Ticks (DT) is an advanced, enterprise-scale trading system, meticulously crafted to transform your retail broker-dealer, proprietary, and institutional trading operations. From front to middle-office management, Digital Ticks seamlessly addresses every facet, enhancing your business efficiency, performance, transparency, and competitive advantage.

Experience the best-in-class, low latency and high-performance desktop application, a sophisticated Order Execution Management System (OEMS), robust risk management, compliance oversight, direct exchange connectivity, and exhaustive market analytics. Digital Ticks ensures a unified trading interface across exchanges and liquidity providers, delivering a seamless trading journey for both traders and investors in broker-dealer setups.

Digital Ticks empowers trading decisions with intelligent insights while maintaining compliance and risk management standards. The system offers customizable features to align with the specific requirements of your brokerage business. Elevate your trading journey and stay ahead with Digital Ticks!

Our Solutions


  • trading-solutions
  • Order Management System
  • Optimize Your Trading Operations with a Cutting-Edge Order Management and Routing System

  • Stay Ahead with Instant Access to Real-Time Positions, Prices, and Analytics

  • Manage Intraday Positions and Track Real-Time Profits and Losses Across Various Products and Trading Groups

  • Diversify Your Portfolio with Multi-Asset Trading, including Equities, Futures, Options, and Commodities

  • trading-solutions
  • Risk Management System
  • Elevate Compliance Standards with Advanced Pre and Post-Trade Checks

  • Maximize Margin Efficiency through VAR and SPAN-Based Margin Strategies

  • Empower Clients with Instant Risk Insights, Utilizing Real-Time Monitoring based on Margin and Mark-to-Market Metrics

  • Enhance Flexibility with Template-Driven Risk Assignments across Various Levels: Clients, Groups, Dealers, Branches, Brokers, and Proprietary Accounts

  • Tailor Your Risk Management Approach with Customized Profiles for Different Product Types

  • trading-solutions
  • Admin
  • Optimize User Experience with Streamlined User, Roles, and Privileges Management

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance through Comprehensive Pre and Post-Trade Checks

  • Exercise Precise Risk Management with Fine-Grain Control, Automated Alerts, and Rule-Based Square-Off Strategies

  • Seamlessly Integrate Business Operations with Back-Office Systems through Efficient Beginning-of-Day (BOD) and End-of-Day (EOD) Processes

  • trading-solutions
  • Trading Terminal
  • Low-latency and high Performance desktop based trading platform

  • Tailor Your Experience with a Customizable and User-Friendly Interface

  • Access All Standard Advanced Trading Screens for Enhanced Decision-Making

  • Enjoy Flexibility in Order Entry with Single Leg, Multi Leg, Basket, and Bracket Options

  • Empower Your Team with Trader, Dealer, and Admin Terminals, Tailored to Specific Roles and Privileges.

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